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MakeMKV is a tool to make digital backups and a freeware video transcoder that is fast and easy to use. This tool is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac. The tool has its own set of decryption tools. It works well and a free video converter.

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About Us

At make MKV, we are providing a Matroska Multimedia Container. The file container is a flexible, open well-known video file structure that shortly grew to be desired file extension for HD video on the internet.

The MKV container includes video or audio files and other elements like alternate audio tracks, multilingual subtitles, and chapter points, as well as wealthy metadata such as cover art, ratings, descriptions, and more. Make MKV provides a richer media journey than any other current format, and that’s why we selected it.

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There are some free and very well-maintained tools available for windows with no ads, no bundle video editing software. Some other has supported windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows mobile, Android, and play MKV files directly.