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MakeMKV is a tool to make digital backups and a freeware video transcoder that is fast and easy to use. This tool is available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac. The tool has its own set of decryption tools. It works well and a free video converter.

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A few words about MKV

First off, many of you know that MKV represents Matroska Video. In simple words, it is a format that contains various files and has the ability to hold an unlimited count of video, audio, and tracks with subtitles laterally with the metadata.

It means that it is capable of putting the whole movie with more than one sounds and subtitle tracks, info about chapter and movie thumbnail into a single file.

Being as an open and free from patent MKV earned wide support currently and rapidly becomes off law to store movies.

Highlights of MKV Files

Simply put, MakeMKV can quickly stream decrypted video with no immediate conversion to a broad range of players to watch the Blu-ray as well as DVD files with the help of your favorite player on the chosen operating system or favorite device.

  • Read both DVDs as well as Blu-ray discs
  • All video and audio tracks have preserved including high-definition audio
  • Chapter info has preserved
  • Preserve all metadata like track language and audio-type
  • Reads Blu-ray discs safeguarded with updated versions
  • Conversion in no time as fast as your drive can read the info
  • No extra details are needed for conversion
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Why use MakeMKV?

Matroska video format has an ample number of benefits that we are going to discuss below. Let us have a look at these below.

Let us playing MKV Files

As the MKV File format is a good storage container but it does not mean that it always played directly. There is no issue to play MKV files on the laptop or computers as there are a lot of players and codec packs that allow MKV files on any outlet to play. It is easy to play on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

On the flip side, some hardware players do not allow MKV files to play directly. For that, there is a need for a transcoder to convert the MKV files into the format that the player can understand. All the meta details are protected in MKV and compressed video, audio as well as subtitles that will not change in any way. Moreover, the conversion of MKV files is also possible to transcode in the original format.

MKV files, for instance, generated from a Blu-ray disc may be transcoded back to image with no loss of freeware transcoding tools.

Some Media Players that support MKV

Here, we have some freeware players that support MKV files natively as we have jotted it down below:

Free tool for transcoding

For transcoding MKX files, you can use the tsMuxer tool that is free of charge. It transcodes files generated either from DVD or Blu-ray back to Blu-ray disc.

How to convert a video disc?

The MakeMKX program is very tangled inside but the user interface is too simple. The three-step process has followed to convert a video disc that we have given below.

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